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برگزار کننده کارگاه های تخصصی
برگزارکننده کارگاه های تخصصی
برگزار کننده کارگاه های تخصصی
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Welcomeمقاله‌های ISI منتشر شده توسط محصولات تولیدی شرکت تِکسان

تکسان مفتخر است که با فعالیت گسترده در زمینه تولید محصولات حوزه طیف سنجی، فضایی را ایجاد کرده که دانشجویان، اساتید و دانشمندان در علوم مختلف بتوانند در پروژه‌های عملی خود از دستگاه‌ها استفاده کنند. تعداد زیادی از این پروژه‌ها به همت این عزیزان به صورت مقاله به چاپ رسیده و نام محصولات شرکت تکسان در آن‌ها ذکر شده است. لیست این مقالات که به سرعت نیز در حال افزایش است در جدول زیر آمده است.

اگر شما نیز از مشتریان ما هستید و یا از خدمات مخاطبان ما استفاده نموده‌اید، با ذکر نام و مدل دستگاهی که در مقاله یا مقالات خود از آن استفاده کردید، به نشر استفاده از دستگاه ایرانی کمک کنید. تکسان به دوستانی که از سال ۲۰۲۱ به بعد دو مقاله و یا بیشتر به چاپ برسانند، هدیه خواهد داد. مقالات خود را برای ما ارسال کنید.

مقاله چاپ شده در مجلات معتبر دنیا
۱[۱+۱] Copper(II) macrocyclic Schiff base complex on rGO as a photocatalyst for reduction of nitroaromatics compounds under visible-light irradiation
۲A highly-effective/durable metal-organic anti-corrosion film deposition on mild steel utilizing Malva sylvestris (M.S) phytoextract-divalent zinc cations
۳A new catalytic system for oxidative desulfurization of model diesel by hierarchical TiO2 nanotube arrays on titanium foil
۴A novel purification method of activated carbon-supported carbon nanotubes using a mixture of Ca(OH) 2 and KOH as the ablation agent
۵Application of Mineral Iron-Based Natural Catalysts in Electro-Fenton Process: A Comparative Study
۶Characterization and gas sensing properties of graphene/polyaniline nanocomposite with long-term stability under high humidity
۷Charge transfer plasmon coupled surface photosensing in ZnO nanorods–Au array hetero-nanostructures
۸Cobalt based Metal Organic Framework/Graphene nanocomposite as high performance battery-type electrode materials for asymmetric Supercapacitors

Effect of V additive on the crystallization of zircon via SCS method: Synthesis, characterization and reaction mechanism

۱۰Effects of nitrogen incorporation on N-doped DLC thin film electrodes fabricated by dielectric barrier discharge plasma: Structural evolution and electrochemical performances
۱۱Enhanced Electrochemical Performance and Thermal Stability of ZrO 2 – and rGO–ZrO 2 -Coated Li[Ni 0.8 Co 0.1 Mn 0.1 ]O 2 Cathode Material for Li-Ion Batteries
۱۲Facile synthesis of hierarchical porous Na3V2(PO4)3/C composites with high-performance Na storage properties
۱۳Hierarchical NiO@Ni(OH)2 nanoarrays as high-performance supercapacitor electrode material
۱۴High-efficient photocatalytic fuel cell integrated with periodate activation for electricity production by degradation of refractory organics
۱۵Immobilized some of vanadium compounds on modified graphene oxide as nanofiber network for epoxidation of allyl alcohols
۱۶Influence of deposition temperature on microstructure formation of Ti-Al-C-N ceramic coatings prepared via pulsed-DC PACVD
۱۷Investigating the effects of hydrothermal temperature on morphology-controlled synthesis of flower-shaped ZnO microstructures
۱۸Investigation of Vacuum Annealing Temperature Effects on the Microstructure Properties of DC-PECVD Grown Diamond Nanoparticles
۱۹Iron-Nanoparticle-Loaded Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotube/Carbon Sheet Composites Derived from MOF as Electrocatalysts for an Oxygen Reduction Reaction
۲۰Low density lipoprotein (LDL) apheresis from blood plasma via anti-biofouling tuned membrane incorporated with graphene oxide-modified carrageenan
۲۱Magnetic superhydrophobic polyurethane sponge loaded with Fe3O4@oleic acid@graphene oxide as high performance adsorbent oil from water
۲۲Main structural and mechanical properties of electrospun PAN-based carbon nanofibers as a function of carbonization maximum temperature
۲۳Mechanical Analysis of Aligned Carbon Nanotube Bundles under Electric Field
۲۴Modification of polyaniline-WO3 as a noble metal-free photo electrocatalyst with (6, 6) – Phenyl-C61- butyric acid methyl ester for solar photoelectrochemical water splitting
۲۵Molybdenum disulfide/carbon nanocomposite with enhanced photothermal effect for doxorubicin delivery
۲۶Nanostructured nickel sulfide/graphene oxide-polypyrrole as platinum-free counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell
۲۷Occurrence of microplastic particles in the most popular Iranian bottled mineral water brands and an assessment of human exposure
۲۸Pencil graphite electrode modified with nitrogen-doped graphene and molecular imprinted polyacrylamide/sol-gel as an ultrasensitive electrochemical sensor for the determination of fexofenadine in biological media
۲۹Phosphomolybdic acid/graphene oxide as novel green catalyst using for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil via electrolysis method: Optimization using with response surface methodology (RSM)
۳۰Photocatalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol and the photoelectrochemical water splitting of visible light-activated TiO2 nanostructures prepared by one-step titanium anodization
۳۱Photocatalytic performance on degradation of Acid Orange 7 dye using biosynthesized un-doped and Co doped CeO2 nanoparticles
۳۲Plant Extract and Herbal Products as Potential Source of Sorbent for Analytical Purpose: An Experimental Study of Morphine and Codeine Determination Using HPLC and LC–MSMS
۳۳Preparation and Characterization of ZnCo2O4 as a Binary Transitional Metal Oxide Towards Pseudocapacitor Electrode Materials
۳۴Preparation iron-nickel/graphene heterogeneous composites for enhanced microwave absorption performance via electrochemical exfoliation/deposition technique
۳۵Preparation of nanocomposite with different component ratios of CuWO4 nanoparticles and nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide to compare their supercapacitive properties
۳۶Self-healable conductive polyurethane with the body temperature‐responsive shape memory for bone tissue engineering
۳۷Structural and optical properties of Fe3O4@Au/rGO nanocomposites synthesized by hydrothermal method and their photothermal effect under NIR laser irradiation
۳۸Structural properties and supercapacitive performance evaluation of the nickel oxide/graphene/polypyrrole hybrid ternary nanocomposite in aqueous and organic electrolytes
۳۹Surface modification of graphene by coupling with electron deficient radicals
۴۰Synergistic corrosion inhibition effects of the non-hazardous cerium nitrate and tannic acid polyphenolic molecules on the surface of mild-steel in chloride-containing solution: Detailed surface and electrochemical explorations
۴۱Synthesis and characterization of polytetrafluoroethylene/oleic acid-functionalized carbon nanotubes composite membrane for desalination by vacuum membrane distillation
۴۲Synthesis and characterization of reduced graphene oxide/magnetite/polyaniline composites as electrode materials for supercapacitors
۴۳Synthesis of a multi-functional zinc-centered nitrogen-rich graphene-like thin film from natural sources on the steel surface for achieving superior anti-corrosion properties
۴۴Synthesis of graphene oxide nanosheets decorated by nanoporous zeolite-imidazole (ZIF-67) based metal-organic framework with controlled-release corrosion inhibitor performance: Experimental and detailed DFT-D theoretical explorations
۴۵TiO2/rGO/Cu2O ternary hybrid for high-performance photoelectrochemical applications
۴۶A comparative study on microstructure, physical-mechanical properties, and self-healing performance of two differently synthesized nanocomposite double network hydrogels based on κ-car/PAm/GO
۴۷A joint experimental and theoretical study on the structural, electronic and optical properties of malayaite and Chromium‐doped malayaite structures as pigments
۴۸A modified carbon paste electrode based on Fe3O4@multi-walled carbon nanotubes@polyacrylonitrile nanofibers for determination of imatinib anticancer drug
۴۹A new method for preparing ZnO/CNT nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic degradation of malachite green under visible light
۵۰A novel comparative experimental study on rheological behavior of mono & hybrid nanofluids concerned graphene and silica nano-powders: Characterization, stability and viscosity measurements
۵۱A solution synthesis of Na3V2(PO4)3 cathode for sodium storage by using CTAB additive
۵۲Actinomorphic ZnO microneedles decorated with SnO2 nanospheres: synthesis, characterization and optical studies
۵۳Adsorption mechanism of a cationic dye on a biomass-derived micro- and mesoporous carbon: structural, kinetic, and equilibrium insight
۵۴An investigation on the structure properties of platinum nanoparticle deposition on graphene sheets by gamma-ray irradiation: a study of methanol electro-oxidation by synthesis catalyst
۵۵Au-Pd nanoparticles enfolded in coil-like TiO2 immobilized on carbon fibers felt as recyclable nanocatalyst for benzene oxidation under mild conditions
۵۶Biomimetic double-sided polypropylene mesh modified by DOPA and ofloxacin loaded carboxyethyl chitosan/polyvinyl alcohol-polycaprolactone nanofibers for potential hernia repair applications
۵۷Biosynthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles and its cytotoxicity survey against colon cancer cell line
۵۸CeO2 foam-like nanostructure: biosynthesis and their efficient removal of hazardous dye
۵۹Comparison of the Effects of Environmental Treatments on Hydrogen Concentration and Energy Gap Variations of Hydrogenated Amorphous and Polymorphous Silicon Films Prepared by PECVD Technique
۶۰Comprehensive investigation of the effect of adding phosphorus and/or boron to NiMo/γ-Al2O3 catalyst in diesel fuel hydrotreating
۶۱Copper (II) ions Supported on Functionalized Graphene Oxide: An Organometallic Nanocatalyst for Oxidative Amination of Azoles via C‒H/ C-N Bond Activation
۶۲Design and synthesis of carbon nanotubes for adsorption utilities: A proposed approach for direct preparation by mechanical milling at room temperature
۶۳Determination of ethambutol in biological samples using graphene oxide based dispersive solid-phase microextraction followed by ion mobility spectrometry
۶۴Developing a Graphite like Carbon:Niobium thin film on GTD-450 stainless steel substrate
۶۵Effect of Growth Temperature on Physical Properties of MoS2 Thin Films Synthesized by CVD
۶۶Effect of synthesis route on the structural and morphological properties of WO3 nanostructures
۶۷Electrical and magneto-optical characterization of Py/MoS2 bilayer: A facile growth of magnetic-metal/semiconductor heterostructure
۶۸Electrochemical sensor based on magnetite graphene oxide/ordered mesoporous carbon hybrid to detection of allopurinol in clinical samples
۶۹Enhanced tensile properties and electrical conductivity of Cu-CNT nanocomposites processed via the combination of flake powder metallurgy and high pressure torsion methods
۷۰Epoxy composite coating corrosion protection properties reinforcement through the addition of hydroxyl-terminated hyperbranched polyamide non-covalently assembled graphene oxide platforms
۷۱Fabrication and properties of thermoplastic starch/montmorillonite composite using dialdehyde starch as a crosslinker
۷۲Facile stitching of graphene oxide nanosheets with ethylenediamine as three dimensional anode material for lithium-ion battery
۷۳Fluorescence turn off-on probe ( β -cyclodextrin-hydroxyquinoline) for monitoring of Cd 2+ ions and tetracycline
۷۴Graphene aerogel nanoparticles for in-situ loading/pH sensitive releasing anticancer drugs
۷۵Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate by GO-CoFe2O4 for degradation of reactive black 5 from aqueous solutions: Optimization, mechanism, degradation intermediates and toxicity
۷۶Highly efficient and photostable photocathodes based on CuWO4/Cu2O nanostructured thin films
۷۷Highly-efficient microwave absorptivity in reduced graphene oxide modified with PTA@ imidazolium based dicationic ionic liquid and fluorine atom
۷۸Improving the electromagnetic shielding of fabricated NdFeB particles by a coating thin carbonaceous layer
۷۹In Situ Growth of Metal–Organic Framework HKUST-1 on Graphene Oxide Nanoribbons with High Electrochemical Sensing Performance in Imatinib Determination
۸۰Incremental photocatalytic reduction of graphene oxide on vertical ZnO nanorods for ultraviolet sensing
۸۱Influence of doping Mg cation in Fe3O4 lattice on its oxygen storage capacity to use as a catalyst for reducing emissions of a compression ignition engine
۸۲Influences of synthesis parameters on the physicochemical and electrochemical characteristics of reduced graphene oxide/Pt nanoparticles as hole transporting layer in polymer solar cells
۸۳Investigation of electric field‐aligned edge‐oxidized graphene oxide nanoplatelets in polyethersulfone matrix in terms of pure water permeation and dye rejection
۸۴MIL-101 (Cr) @ graphene oxide-reinforced hollow fiber solid-phase microextraction coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography to determine diazinon and chlorpyrifos in tomato, cucumber and agricultural water
۸۵Nanocomposite Coatings Based on Modified Graphene Oxide and Polydimethylsiloxane: Characterization and Thermal Properties
۸۶Nickel-doped cerium oxide nanoparticles: biosynthesis, cytotoxicity and UV protection studies
۸۷One-pot EPD/ECD fabrication of high-performance binder-free nanocomposite based on the Fe3O4 nanoparticles/porous graphene sheets for supercapacitor applications
۸۸Oxidized fullerene/sol-gel nanocomposite for corrosion protection of AM60B magnesium alloy
۸۹Polycaprolactone/Graphene Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Electrospun Nanofibers
۹۰Polyoxometalate/reduced graphene oxide modified pencil graphite sensor for the electrochemical trace determination of paroxetine in biological and pharmaceutical media
۹۱Polyurethane nanocomposite impregnated with chitosan-modified graphene oxide as a potential antibacterial wound dressing
۹۲Preparation of Ag/reduced graphene oxide reinforced copper matrix composites through spark plasma sintering: An investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties
۹۳Pristine NiCo2O4 nanorods loaded rGO electrode as a remarkable electrode material for asymmetric supercapacitors
۹۴Pt nanoparticles decorated Bi-doped TiO2 as an efficient photocatalyst for CO2 photo-reduction into CH4
۹۵Rational assembly of mussel-inspired polydopamine (PDA)-Zn (II) complex nanospheres on graphene oxide framework tailored for robust self-healing anti-corrosion coatings application
۹۶Sensitive detection of colchicine at a glassy carbon electrode modified with magnetic ionic liquid/CuO nanoparticles/carbon nanofibers in pharmaceutical and plasma samples
۹۷Sensitive Voltammetric Detection of Melatonin in Pharmaceutical Products by Highly Conductive Porous Graphene-Gold Composites
۹۸Streptococcus mutans bystander-induced bioeffects following sonodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy through sonocatalytic performance of Curcumin-Poly (Lactic-co-Glycolic Acid) on off-target cells
۹۹Synthesis and characterization of a high-quality nanocontainer based on benzimidazole-zinc phosphate (ZP-BIM) tailored graphene oxides; a facile approach to fabricating a smart self-healing anti-corrosion system
۱۰۰Synthesis of cubic and hexagonal ZnTiO3 as catalyst support in steam reforming of methanol: Study of physical and chemical properties of copper catalysts on the H2 and CO selectivity and coke formation
۱۰۱Synthesis, characterization and life cycle assessment of carbon nanospheres from waste tires pyrolysis over ferrocene catalyst
۱۰۲Systems toxicology assessment revealed the impact of graphene‐based materials on cell cycle regulators
۱۰۳The influence of Eu cations on improving the magnetic properties and promoting the Ce solubility in the Eu, Ce-substituted garnet synthesized by the solid state route
۱۰۴The microstructure and optical properties of novel Al 2 O 3 –Ag composite coating
۱۰۵The role of Dy incorporation in the magnetic behavior and structural characterization of synthetic Ce, Bi-substituted yttrium iron garnet
۱۰۶The synthesis of sulfur-doped carbon nanofibers using chemical vapor deposition on the nickel-ferrite catalyst and the gold decoration of the product for morphine sensing
۱۰۷Thermoregulating Papers Containing Fabricated Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials through Pickering Emulsion Templating
۱۰۸Three-dimensional hybrid of iron–titanium mixed oxide/nitrogen-doped graphene on Ni foam as a superior electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
۱۰۹Toward enhancing the photoelectrochemical water splitting efficiency of organic acid doped polyaniline-WO3 photoanode by photo-assisted electrochemically reduced graphene oxide
۱۱۰Unassisted Water Splitting Using Standard Silicon Solar Cells Stabilized with Copper and Bifunctional NiFe Electrocatalysts
۱۱۱Silica-decorated reduced graphene oxide (SiO 2 @rGO) as hybrid fillers for enhanced dielectric and actuation behavior of polydimethylsiloxane composites
۱۱۲Application of three-dimensional graphene hydrogels for removal of ofloxacin from aqueous solutions
۱۱۳Study on Polystyrene/MWCNT Nanocomposite as a Temperature Sensor
۱۱۴Preparation of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Aerogel/Epoxy Nanocomposites and Experimental Study of Mechanical Properties
۱۱۵Photocatalytic Activity, Antibacterial Effect, and Self Cleaning Properties of TiO2 /GO Thin Films
۱۱۶One-step fabrication of flexible, cost/time effective and high energy storage graphene based supercapacitor
۱۱۷Highly improved supercapacitance properties of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles by MoS2 nanosheets
۱۱۸Evaluation of Dosimetry Response of Nano Graphene Oxide to GammaRays and Electron Beam Using Noninvasive Raman Spectroscopy
۱۱۹Decoration of Graphene Oxide with Cobalt(II) Coordinated Silica and its Catalytic Activity for the Synthesis of Functionalized Indenopyrazolones
۱۲۰An overview of the radiation-protective properties of nanocomposites containing Iron Oxide and High Density Polyethylene in the presence of X- and Gamma-rays
۱۲۱A green chemistry approach for facile synthesis of functionalized boron nitride nanosheets
۱۲۲Excellent adsorption of orange acid II on a water fern– derived micro- and mesoporous carbon
۱۲۳Model Fuel Deep Desulfurization Using Modified 3D Graphenic Adsorbents: Isotherm, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Study
۱۲۴The characterization of gamma-irradiated carbon-nanostructured materials carried out using a multi-analytical approach including Raman spectroscopy
۱۲۵Lacunary phosphomolybdate PMo11 supported on mesoporous KIT-6 as catalyst for oxidative desulfurization of model diesel
۱۲۶Tuning the surface chemistry and porosity of waste-derived nanoporous materials toward exceptional performance in antibiotic adsorption: Experimental and DFT studies
۱۲۷Transient photocurrent response of Bi 2 S 3 /rGO nanocomposites synthesized by UV-assisted sonication method
۱۲۸Characteristics of tungsten layer deposited on graphite substrate by a low energy plasma focus device at different angular position
۱۲۹Application of layer-by-layer assembled graphene oxide nanosheets/polyaniline/zinc cations for construction of an effective epoxy coating anti-corrosion system
۱۳۰Synergetic effect of GNPs and MgOs on the mechanical properties of Mg–Sr–Ca alloy
۱۳۱Synergistic effect of Ni-based metal organic framework with graphene for enhanced electrochemical performance of supercapacitors
۱۳۲A novel and feasible approach for polymer amine modified graphene oxide to improve water resistance, thermal, and mechanical ability of waterborne polyurethane
۱۳۳Activation in the Presence of Gold Nanoparticles: A Possible Approach to Fabricate Graphene Nanofibers
۱۳۴Urtica dioica extract as a facile green reductant of graphene oxide for UV resistant and corrosion protective polyurethane coating fabrication
۱۳۵Electrochemical Deposition of MnO2/RGO Nanocomposite Thin Film: Enhanced Supercapacitor Behavior
۱۳۶Antibacterial properties of nanoporous graphene oxide/cobalt metal organic framework
۱۳۷Fabrication and electrochemical kinetics studies of reduced carbon quantum dots- supported palladium nanoparticles as bifunctional catalysts in methanol oxidation and hydrogen evolution reactions
۱۳۸Sequentially Assembled Graphene Layers on Silicon, the Role of Uncertainty Principles in Graphene–Silicon Schottky Junctions
۱۳۹One-pot synthesis and construction of a high performance metal-organic structured nano pigment based on nanoceria decorated cerium (III)-imidazole network (NC/CIN) for effective epoxy composite coating anti-corrosion and thermo-mechanical properties impro
۱۴۰Preparation and characterization of novel Ag3VO4/Cu-MOF/rGO heterojunction for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants
۱۴۱A study on the electrochemical responses of p-type bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials in a 0.1 M NaCl solution: Comparing a nanocomposite with dispersed MoS2 nanoparticles and a single-phase alloy
۱۴۲Preparation and characterization of a new waste-derived mesoporous carbon structure for ultrahigh adsorption of benzene and toluene at ambient conditions
۱۴۳Synthesis of Nano-Flower Metal–Organic Framework/Graphene Composites As a High-Performance Electrode Material for Supercapacitors
۱۴۴The structure effect of carbonaceous reinforcement on the microstructural characterization and mechanical behavior of AZ80 magnesium alloy
۱۴۵Investigating the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Matrix Reinforced-Graphene Nanosheet Composites Fabricated by Mechanical Milling and Equal-Channel Angular Pressing
۱۴۶Fabrication of functionalized two dimensional graphene oxide and promoted with phosphotungstic acid for reduction of organic dyes in water
۱۴۷Effect of reduced graphene oxide nanoplatelets content on the mechanical and electrical properties of copper matrix composite
۱۴۸Pulsed electrophoretic deposition of nanographitic flake-nanostructured Co3O4 layers for efficient lithium-ion-battery anode
۱۴۹Investigating the best strategy to diminish the toxicity and enhance the antibacterial activity of graphene oxide by chitosan addition
۱۵۰Photothermal property in MoS2 nanoflakes: theoretical and experimental comparison
۱۵۱Sulfurization of planar MoO3 optical crystals: Enhanced Raman response and surface porosity
۱۵۲Conformation, molecular structure, and vibrational assignment of bis(3,5-heptanedionato)copper(II)
۱۵۳In-situ growth of ceria nanoparticles on graphene oxide nanoplatelets to be used as a multifunctional (UV shield/radical scavenger/anticorrosive) hybrid compound for exterior coatings
۱۵۴Synthesis of novel graphene/Co3O4/polypyrrole ternary nanocomposites as electrochemically enhanced supercapacitor electrodes
۱۵۵The effect of size-asymmetry of plasmonic heterodimers in surface-enhanced Raman scattering
۱۵۶A novel aspect of functionalized graphene quantum dots in cytotoxicity studies
۱۵۷Propane steam reforming over promoted Ni–Ce/MgAl2O4 catalysts: Effects of Ce promoter on the catalyst performance using developed CCD model
۱۵۸An electrochemical composite sensor for phenol detection in waste water
۱۵۹Graphene nanosheets production using liquid-phase exfoliation of pre-milled graphite in dimethylformamide and structural defects evaluation
۱۶۰A mechanistic approach on the curing kinetics of benzoxazine-filled oxygen plasma treated graphene nanosheets
۱۶۱The Large and Tunable Nonlinear Absorption Response of Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystals
۱۶۲Effects of annealing atmospheres (Ar, N2 and air) on structural, morphological, and surface corrosion properties of a-C:H thin films
۱۶۳Characterization and performance of Cu2O nanostructures on Cu wire photocatalyst synthesized in-situ by chemical and thermal oxidation
۱۶۴Effect of IrO2 crystallinity on electrocatalytic behavior of IrO2–Ta2O5/MWCNT composite as anodes in chlor-alkali membrane cell
۱۶۵Superior catalytic performance of NiCo2O4 nanorods loaded rGO towards methanol electro-oxidation and hydrogen evolution reaction
۱۶۶Zinc oxide nanoparticles: Biosynthesis, characterization, antifungal and cytotoxic activity
۱۶۷Electrospun graphene oxide incorporated PAN nanofibers, before and after activation
۱۶۸A graphene/Si Schottky diode for the highly sensitive detection of protein
۱۶۹Well-ordered self-assembled plasmonic dimers for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
۱۷۰Model Fuel Deep Desulfurization Using Modified 3D Graphenic Adsorbents: Isotherm, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Study
۱۷۱A novel approach to the uniformly distributed carbon nanotubes with intact structure in aluminum matrix composite
۱۷۲Investigation of solar-induced photoelectrochemical water splitting and photocatalytic dye removal activities of camphor sulfonic acid doped polyaniline -WO3- MWCNT ternary nanocomposite
۱۷۳Plasma‐functionalized Highly Aligned CNT‐based Biosensor for Point of Care Determination of Glucose in Human Blood Plasma
۱۷۴The enhancement of the Ce-solubility limit and saturation magnetization in the Ce0.25BixPryY2.75-x-yFe5O12 garnet synthesized by the conventional ceramic method
۱۷۵Upgrading the electrochemical performance of graphene oxide-blended sulfonated polyetheretherketone composite polymer electrolyte membrane for microbial fuel cell application
۱۷۶Incorporation of graphene oxide/nanodiamond nanocomposite into PVC ultrafiltration membranes
۱۷۷Graphene oxide nanoplatform surface decoration by spherical zinc-polypyrrole nanoparticles for epoxy coating properties enhancement: Detailed explorations from integrated experimental and electronic-scale quantum mechanics approaches
۱۷۸Fabrication of Highly Effective Polyaniline Grafted Carbon Nanotubes To Induce Active Protective Functioning in a Silane Coating
۱۷۹Reduced Graphene Oxide–Epoxy Grafted Poly(Styrene-Co-Acrylate) Composites for Corrosion Protection of Mild Steel
۱۸۰Modification of optical and mechanical properties of nitrogen doped diamond-like carbon layers
۱۸۱Formation of Few‐ and Monolayered WS 2 Sheets Using Plasma‐Treated Dimethyl‐Sulfoxide Solvent‐Based Exfoliation
۱۸۲Biosynthesis, Magnetic and Cytotoxic Studies of Hematite Nanoparticles
۱۸۳Graphene oxide and amin-modified graphene oxide incorporated chitosan-gelatin scaffolds as promising materials for tissue engineering
۱۸۴Fabrication, characterization and electromagnetic wave absorption properties of covalently modified reduced graphene oxide based on dinuclear cobalt complex
۱۸۵Nanostructured TaC Film Deposited by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering: Influence of Gas Concentration on Structural, Mechanical, Wear and Corrosion Properties
۱۸۶High-quality liquid phase-pulsed laser ablation graphene synthesis by flexible graphite exfoliation
۱۸۷Large total area membrane of suspended single layer graphene for water desalination
۱۸۸Deep and fast oxidative desulfurization of fuels using graphene oxide-based phosphotungstic acid catalysts
۱۸۹Novel conductive polyester using PEDOT: PSS, carbon black nanoparticles stabilized with vinyl acrylate copolymer
۱۹۰A potential photovoltaic material for dye sensitized solar cells based BaCe2 (MoO4) 4 doped Er3+/Yb3+ nanostructures
۱۹۱Effects of deposition angle on synthesis of amorphous carbon nitride thin films prepared by plasma focus device
۱۹۲Pt-Ni/rGO counter electrode: electrocatalytic activity for dye-sensitized solar cell
۱۹۳Improving optoelectrical properties of photoactive anatase TiO2 coating using rGO incorporation during plasma electrolytic oxidation
۱۹۴Effect of graphene nanoplatelets content on the microstructural and mechanical properties of AZ80 magnesium alloy
۱۹۵Vertically-aligned lead-free BCTZY nanofibers with enhanced electrical properties for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators
۱۹۶Ag/αFe2O3-rGO novel ternary nanocomposites: Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic activity
۱۹۷Functionalized reduced graphene oxide as a lateral flow immuneassay label for one-step detection of Escherichia coli O157: H7
۱۹۸Polyphosphate-reduced graphene oxide on Ni foam as a binder free electrode for fabrication of high performance supercapacitor
۱۹۹Novel asphaltene-derived nanoporous carbon with NS-rich micro-mesoporous structure for superior gas adsorption: Experimental and DFT study
۲۰۰Fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cells based on SnO2/ZnO composite nanostructures: A new facile method using dual anodic dissolution
۲۰۱Synthesis and characterization of reduced graphene oxide–V2O5 nanocomposite for enhanced photocatalytic activity under different types of irradiation
۲۰۲Potential application of amino acids in analytical toxicology
۲۰۳Preparation of electrochemically reduced graphene oxide/bimetallic copper-platinum nanohybrid as counter electrode for fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cell
۲۰۴Development of Graphitic Domains in Carbon Foams for High Efficient Electro/Photo-to-Thermal Energy Conversion Phase Change Composites
۲۰۵Asymmetric supercapacitors: An alternative to activated carbon negative electrodes based on earth abundant elements
۲۰۶Binder-free reduced graphene oxide 3D structures based on ultra large graphene oxide sheets: High performance green micro-supercapacitor using NaCl electrolyte
۲۰۷Remarkably improved electrochemical hydrogen storage by multi-walled carbon nanotubes decorated with nanoporous bimetallic Fe–Ag/TiO 2 nanoparticles
۲۰۸Catalytic Effect of Functional and Fe Composite Biochars on Biofuel and Biochemical Derived from the Pyrolysis of Green Marine Biomass
۲۰۹MnFe2O4-graphene oxide magnetic nanoparticles as a high-performance adsorbent for rare earth elements: Synthesis, isotherms, kinetics, thermodynamics and desorption
۲۱۰Improving the Electrochemical Performance of Carbon Anodes Derived from Marine Biomass by Using Ionic-Liquid-Based Hybrid Electrolyte for LIBs
۲۱۱Vertically aligned MoS2 quantum dots/nanoflakes heterostructure: facile deposition with excellent performance toward hydrogen evolution reaction
۲۱۲Aqueous dispersion of polyurethane nanocomposites based on calix [4] arenes modified graphene oxide nanosheets: Preparation, characterization, and anti-corrosion properties
۲۱۳Synthesis of a Novel Interconnected 3D Pore Network Algal Biochar Constituting Iron Nanoparticles Derived from a Harmful Marine Biomass as High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitor Electrodes
۲۱۴Dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction using magnetic room temperature ionic liquid for extraction of ultra-trace amounts of parabens
۲۱۵Conductive poly (vinylidene fluoride)/polyethylene/graphene blend‐nanocomposites: Relationship between rheology, morphology, and electrical conductivity
۲۱۶Catalytic reduction of organic pollutants using biosynthesized Ag/C/Fe3O4 nanocomposite by red water and Caesalpinia gilliesii flower extract
۲۱۷Generation of versatile titania-silica nano-vehicles using dual templates exploiting as tunable drug releaser
۲۱۸Preparation of activated carbon dots from sugarcane bagasse for naphthalene removal from aqueous solutions
۲۱۹Janus graphene oxide nanosheet: A promising additive for enhancement of polymeric membranes performance prepared via phase inversion
۲۲۰Superb catalytic properties of nickel cobalt bimetallic nanoparticles immobilized on 3D nitrogen-doped graphene for thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
۲۲۱Results in Physics
۲۲۲Effect of Sn doping in optical properties of Se-Ge glass and glass-ceramics
۲۲۳Synthesis and characterization of n-type lightly doped mesoporous silicon nanowires through 1-MACE, influence of etching solution temperature
۲۲۴Highly dispersed Ni–Mn bimetallic nanoparticles embedded in 3D nitrogen-doped graphene as an efficient catalyst for the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
۲۲۵A facile route for synthesis of highly pure α-CaB4O7 compound
۲۲۶Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Multilayer Graphene Foam/ZnO Nanorod Composites and Their Photocatalyst Application
۲۲۷High mechanical efficiency, microstructure evaluation and texture of rheo-casted and extruded AZ80-Ca alloy reinforced with processed Al2O3/GNPs hybrid reinforcement
۲۲۸Enhanced optoelectronic performance of plasma electrolytic oxidized monocrystalline silicon using rGO incorporation
۲۲۹Laser-assisted tunable optical nonlinearity in liquid-phase exfoliated MoS 2 dispersion
۲۳۰The effects of phase transformation on the structure and mechanical properties of TiSiCN nanocomposite coatings deposited by PECVD method
۲۳۱Enhancement of photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells based on TiO2-graphene quantum dots photoanode
۲۳۲Optical study on single-layer photoluminescent graphene oxide nanosheets through a simple and green hydrothermal method
۲۳۳Enhanced dye sensitized solar cells efficiency by utilization of an external layer of CaCe2 (MoO4) 4: Er3+/Yb3+ nanoparticles
۲۳۴Effect of surface area of carbon nanotubes on membrane performance for effective water desalination
۲۳۵Synthesis and characterization of titanate nanotube/single-walled carbon nanotube (TNT/SWCNT) porous nanocomposite and its photocatalytic activity on 4-chlorophenol degradation under UV and solar irradiation
۲۳۶Photocatalytic degradation of RB dye by CdS-decorated nanocomposites based on polyaniline and hydrolyzed pectin: Isotherm and kinetic
۲۳۷A novel non-invasive strategy for low-level laser-induced cancer therapy by using new Ag/ZnO and Nd/ZnO functionalized reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites
۲۳۸Potential toxicity of nano-graphene oxide on callus cell of Plantago major L. under polyethylene glycol-induced dehydration
۲۳۹Screening the effect of graphene oxide nanosheets functionalization with ionic liquid on the mechanical properties of an epoxy coating
۲۴۰Synthesis and characterization of long-CNTs by electrical arc discharge in deionized water and NaCl solution
۲۴۱Biosynthesis, characterization and cytotoxic activity of CeO2 nanoparticles
۲۴۲Demonstration of tunable complex refractive index of graphene covered one dimensional photonic crystals
۲۴۳Synthesis of binder-free MoSe 2 nanoflakes as a new electrode for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution
۲۴۴Photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B and real textile wastewater using Fe-doped TiO2 anchored on reduced graphene oxide (Fe-TiO2/rGO): Characterization and feasibility, mechanism and pathway studies
۲۴۵Flexible supercapacitor electrodes based on TiO2/rGO/TiO2 sandwich type hybrids
۲۴۶Preparation, Evaluations and Operating Conditions Optimization of Nano TiO2 over Graphene Based Materials as the Photocatalyst for Degradation of Phenol
۲۴۷Synthesis of mesoporous recycled poly (ethylene terephthalate)/MWNT/carbon quantum dot nanocomposite from sustainable materials using ultrasonic waves: Application for methylene blue removal
۲۴۸Catalytic decomposition of sulfamethazine antibiotic and pharmaceutical wastewater using Cu-TiO2@ functionalized SWCNT ternary porous nanocomposite: influential factors, mechanism, and pathway studies
۲۴۹Synthesis of CdS/ZnO Hybrid Nanoarchitectured Films with Visible Photocatalytic Activity
۲۵۰CuO nanoparticles supported on three‐dimensional nitrogen‐doped graphene as a promising catalyst for thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
۲۵۱Sono-synthesis approach in uniform loading of ultrafine Ag nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide nanosheets: An efficient catalyst for the reduction of 4-Nitrophenol
۲۵۲Azolla-derived hierarchical nanoporous carbons: From environmental concerns to industrial opportunities
۲۵۳Environmental geochemistry of As and Pb in a copper low-grade dump, Miduk copper mine, Kerman province, SE Iran
۲۵۴Novel ZnO-Ag/MWCNT nanocomposite for the photocatalytic degradation of phenol
۲۵۵Construction of a highly effective self-repair corrosion-resistant epoxy composite through impregnation of 1H-Benzimidazole corrosion inhibitor modified graphene oxide nanosheets (GO-BIM)
۲۵۶Reduced graphene oxide as a stabilizing layer for optical properties of porous silicon
۲۵۷Impact of rGO on photocatalytic performance of Cd-doped ZnO nanostructures synthesized via a simple aqueous co-precipitation route
۲۵۸Morphology enhancement of TiO2/PVP composite nanofibers based on solution viscosity and processing parameters of electrospinning method
۲۵۹Enhanced gas-phase photocatalytic oxidation of n-pentane using high visible-light-driven Fe-doped WO3 nanostructures
۲۶۰Synthesis and physical properties of un-and Zn-doped Ag2S nanoparticles
۲۶۱Solution combustion synthesis of ZnO powders using mixture of fuels in closed system
۲۶۲Nanofiltration composite membranes of polyethersulfone and graphene oxide and sulfonated graphene oxide
۲۶۳Synthesis, characterization and first application of covalently immobilized nickel-porphyrin on graphene oxide for Suzuki cross-coupling reaction
۲۶۴Fully integrated wearable humidity sensor based on hydrothermally synthesized partially reduced graphene oxide
۲۶۵Magnetic CoFe 2 O 4@ melamine based hyper-crosslinked polymer: A multivalent dendronized nanostructure for fast bacteria capturing from real samples.
۲۶۶Graphene nanosheets preparation using magnetic nanoparticle assisted liquid phase exfoliation of graphite: The coupled effect of ultrasound and wedging nanoparticles
۲۶۷(BaCa) TiO3 nanopowder: Synthesis and their electrical and biological characteristics
۲۶۸Pd nanoparticles immobilized on the poly-dopamine decorated halloysite nanotubes hybridized with N-doped porous carbon monolayer: A versatile catalyst for promoting Pd catalyzed reactions
۲۶۹Electrophoretic deposition of graphene oxide on magnetic ribbon: Toward high sensitive and selectable magnetoimpedance response
۲۷۰Microwave and ultrasound-assisted synthesis of poly (vinyl chloride)/riboflavin modified MWCNTs: Examination of thermal, mechanical and morphology properties
۲۷۱On the mechanical behavior of basalt fiber/epoxy composites filled with silanized graphene oxide nanoplatelets
۲۷۲Evolution of structural and morphological characteristics of MoS 2 thin films with nitrogen doping
۲۷۳Carbon black enhanced conductivity, carbon yield and dye adsorption of sustainable cellulose derived carbon nanofibers
۲۷۴Synthesis and characterization of Ag@ Carbon core-shell spheres as a novel catalyst for room temperature N-arylation reaction
۲۷۵Improving the anticorrosive performance of epoxy coatings by embedding various percentages of unmodified and imidazole modified CeO 2 nanoparticles
۲۷۶Synthesis and Characterization of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Nanoparticles Doped with Ytterbium and Gadolinium: ZrO 2 9.5 Y 2 O 3 5.6 Yb 2 O 3 5.2 Gd 2 O 3
۲۷۷Facilitate Measurement of Electrochemical Reactions in Redox‐Based Memristors by Simply Thickening the Electrolyte Layer
۲۷۸Epoxy coating with self‐healing capability based on a 2‐mercaptobenzothiazole‐loaded CeO2 nanocontainer
۲۷۹Application of ultrasonic irradiation as a benign method for production of glycerol plasticized-starch/ascorbic acid functionalized MWCNTs nanocomposites: investigation of methylene blue adsorption and electrical properties
۲۸۰PVP assisted synthesis of high efficient BiOI/Graphene oxide nanohybrid and its photocatalytic performance in degradation of organic dye pollutants
۲۸۱Molecular interaction between three-dimensional graphene aerogel and enzyme solution: Effect on enzyme structure and function
۲۸۲Utilizing Lemon Balm extract as an effective green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 1M HCl solution: A detailed experimental, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo and quantum mechanics study
۲۸۳Thermal stability of germanium-carbon coatings prepared by a RF plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method
۲۸۴Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide-Silver Nanocomposites and Assessing Their Toxicity on the Green Microalga Chlorella vulgaris
۲۸۵Efficient and stable HER electrocatalyst using Pt-nanoparticles@ poly (3, 4–ethylene dioxythiophene) modified sulfonated graphene nanocomposite
۲۸۶Electroanalytical Determination of Vancomycin at a Graphene‐modified Electrode: Comparison of Electrochemical Property Between Graphene, Carbon Nanotube, and Carbon Black
۲۸۷Enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting of CrTiO 2 nanotube photoanodes by the decoration of their surface via the photodeposition of Ag and Au
۲۸۸Preparation and evaluation of a new hybrid support based on exfoliation of graphite by ball milling for Ni nanoparticles in hydrogen evolution reaction
۲۸۹Fast synthesis of methacrylated graphene oxide: a graphene-functionalised nanostructure
۲۹۰Carbon nanotube synthesis via the catalytic chemical vapor deposition of methane in the presence of iron, molybdenum, and iron–molybdenum alloy thin layer catalysts
۲۹۱Turning an environmental problem into an opportunity: potential use of biochar derived from a harmful marine biomass named Cladophora glomerata as anode electrode for Li-ion batteries
۲۹۲Nichtinvasive Analytik
۲۹۳Synthesis, spectroscopic and photophysical studies of xanthene derivatives
۲۹۴Anesthesia for tonsillectomy with or without adenoidectomy in children
۲۹۵Nano-CeO2/SiO2 as an efficient catalytic conversion of waste engine oil into liquid fuel
۲۹۶WC‒TiC‒Al2O3 composite powder preparation by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis route
۲۹۷Preparation of supported catalyst by adsorption of polyoxometalate on graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide
۲۹۸Synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide supported cobalt (II) tetrasulfophthalocyanine as an efficient heterogeneous nanocatalyst for mercaptans oxidation from gasoline
۲۹۹Ultrasonic-assisted biosurface modification of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with Thiamine and its influence on the properties of PVC/Tm-MWCNTs nanocomposite films
۳۰۰Photocatalytic back-conversion of CO2 into oxygenate fuels using an efficient ZnO/CuO/carbon nanotube solar-energy-material: Artificial photosynthesis
۳۰۱High Raman-to-fluorescence ratio of Rhodamine 6G excited with 532 nm laser wavelength using a closely packed, self-assembled monolayer of silver nanoparticles
۳۰۲New piezoelectric sensors with Gall Bladder stone material
۳۰۳Tuning wettability and surface order of MWCNTs by functionalization for water desalination
۳۰۴Characterization of carbonized magnesium formed in a low energy plasma focus device
۳۰۵Detailed theoretical DFT computation/molecular simulation and electrochemical explorations of Thymus vulgaris leave extract for effective mild-steel corrosion retardation in HCl solution
۳۰۶Highly-effective/durable method of mild-steel corrosion mitigation in the chloride-based solution via fabrication of hybrid metal-organic film (MOF) generated between the active Trachyspermum Ammi bio-molecules-divalent zinc cations
۳۰۷Superior inhibition action of the Mish Gush (MG) leaves extract toward mild steel corrosion in HCl solution: Theoretical and electrochemical studies
۳۰۸Silica nanoparticles-incorporated carbon nanofibers as bioactive biomaterial for bone tissue engineering
۳۰۹Oxygen doping effect on wettability of diamond-like carbon films
۳۱۰Effects of enhanced fuel with Mg-doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles on combustion of a compression ignition engine: Influence of Mg cation concentration
۳۱۱Theoretical and experimental assessment of a green corrosion inhibitor extracted from Malva sylvestris
۳۱۲Effects of enhanced fuel with Mg-doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles on combustion of a compression ignition engine: Influence of Mg cation concentration
۳۱۳Monitoring the Response of Skin Melanoma Cell Line (A375) to Treatment with Vemurafenib: A Pilot In Vitro Optical Spectroscopic Study
۳۱۴Effect of carbon nanotubes on the thermal conductivity enhancement of synthesized hydroxyapatite filled with water for dental applications: experimental characterization and numerical study
۳۱۵High-performance supercapacitor electrode materials based on chemical co-precipitation synthesis of nickel oxide (NiO)/cobalt oxide (Co3O4)-intercalated graphene nanosheets binary nanocomposites
۳۱۶Development of a Bioactive Scaffold based on NGF Containing PCL/Chitosan Nanofibers for Nerve Regeneration
۳۱۷Effect of carbon nanotubes on the thermal conductivity enhancement of synthesized hydroxyapatite filled with water for dental applications: experimental characterization and numerical study
۳۱۸High-performance supercapacitor electrode materials based on chemical co-precipitation synthesis of nickel oxide (NiO)/cobalt oxide (Co3O4)-intercalated graphene nanosheets binary nanocomposites
۳۱۹Impact of morphology evolution of ZnSn(OH)6 microcubes on photocatalytic activity of ZnSn(OH)6/SnO2/rGO ternary nanocomposites for efficient degradation of organic pollutants
۳۲۰Comprehensive study of physical properties of cadmium telluride thin films: effect of post-deposition high annealing temperature
۳۲۱SnO2 nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite for fast ethanol vapor sensing at a low operating temperature with an excellent long-term stability
۳۲۲Impact of morphology evolution of ZnSn(OH)6 microcubes on photocatalytic activity of ZnSn(OH)6/SnO2/rGO ternary nanocomposites for efficient degradation of organic pollutants
۳۲۳The role of ethanolic extract of Stachys byzantina’s leaves for effective decreasing the mild-steel (MS) degradation in the acidic solution; coupled theoretical/experimental assessments
۳۲۴LiBr hydrate as reaction medium for preparation of carbon spheres from wood powders via hydrothermal carbonization
۳۲۵CuII Immobolized on the Amidinoglycine Functionalized Magnetic Graphene Oxide Promoted the Alkyl Aminophenols Synthesis
۳۲۶Controlling interlayer spacing of graphene oxide membrane in aqueous media using a biocompatible heterobifunctional crosslinker for Penicillin-G Procaine removal
۳۲۷Antibacterial properties of ferrimagnetic and superparamagnetic nanoparticles: a comparative study